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We love Wordpress

Tigerfish has never wanted to restrict our clients by tying them to a proprietary web development frameworks, Drupal, another open source content management system, was our weapon of choice for many years. But in the last couple of years we have moved to WordPress – an open source website creation tool.

Below is some of the reason why we have come to love Wordpress so much.

Control from the browser

This means your new WordPress website can be accessed anywhere, at anytime you are online by simply opening your browser and logging in, this means that you can update your website wherever you are in the world!

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Control from the your phone

WordPress even comes with its own app for your iphone or android device. By using the office WordPress app on your smartphone you can instantly update your text while on the move.

Simple to use

WordPress has an unrivalled reputation for being simple to Login to and edit pages. As part of our standard web development service we provide full training, with even the most non-technical of our clients able to grasp the basics!

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Wordpress is Open Source

This means that it has an active and talented developer community worldwide contributing to it. If your new website is developed with WordPress you are not tied to Tigerfish, as there is a vast community of WordPress developers throughout the world who can support your website.

Future proof

WordPress became our go to content management system (CMS) because unlike Drupal, When a major version got released you did not have to rebuild the site. Building with WordPress allows you to receive updates for free will allow you to expand your site as your business grows and also keep your site secure.

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WordPress and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

All websites developed by Tigerfish are enabled with the free Yoast SEO plugin, this plugin is a powerful tool to make your new website as search engine friendly as possible. As an extra bonus to our clients, Tigerfish give you also our first stage SEO package. This includes Titles, Descriptions, Image Alt Tags, Link Titles and image optimisation.

We want your WordPress website to succeed.

Cost Effective

Because WordPress is open source and is the number 1 content management system on the internet. There is a wide range of plugins that can enhance your site at very little cost or even for FREE.

How can Tigerfish Help you and be of service to you?

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