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Blue Cross

Rebranding new life into an older charity campaign

Having previously developed The Clothesline for Blue Cross for Pets, Tigerfish Web Agency were asked by the Blue Cross team to bring the branding of its site in-line with the current Blue Cross website branding language.

The Client

Blue Cross for Pets is a charity that has been helping sick, injured, abandoned and homeless pets since 1897. They have over 50 local shops nationwide that sell products and good kindly donated in those areas. Tigerfish have been working with Blue Cross for pets since 2015.

The Aim

The Tigerfish team approached this as a re-skin of the original website trying to keep as much of the website’s layout and accessibility in place. This allowed us to focus purely on the re-design which ultimately reduced the cost to the customer as time consuming development work was kept to a minimum. We took cues from existing branding including colours, exiting logos and iconography allowing us to give the website a new lease of life.

Man viewing Blue Cross on smartphone in car

The Process

After discussing the project cost and timing structure the Tigerfish team got to work producing a design of the website taking structural cues from the current Clothesline website.

Once approved our team took a copy of the current live site and started the website development on the site focusing on the front end development of the website. As the site was currently live and constantly gathering data and/or processing bag deliveries we wanted to make sure the website template could be attached to the site without the need to copy data o the database.

The Results

After amends and final coding checks the new skin was applied to the live site and the design changes because an instant appearance on the site. Thanks to the process we had taken there was no need to pause access to the site and the client and visitors would not have any issues with user experience.

Blue Cross logo
Client:Blue Cross for Pets
Date:January 2019