Why Emails are so Important in a Professional Environment

Wanting to improve your brand’s online presence?  Have you considered the importance of a professional email address?

Look no further, these considerations can help you to be competitive!

Importance of a professional email address

A professional email address is essential for making a positive first impression, as it is usually a business’ first point of contact. Keeping your email addresses simple and relevant helps prospective clients to remember your company.

Tigerfish will take the time to learn about your company’s brand and target market so they can recommend the most effective, appropriate email address for your business. The development process is inexpensive and simple, however will require a little planning in the initial stages.

Branding your email is a valuable and cost-effective tool for the promotion of your business!

Considerations of email signatures

Your business email signature is important for marketing opportunities.  Informing prospective clients of who you are and where you work, will improve your future sales.

Keeping content simple and professional can allow businesses to add occasional promotions to the bottom of the signature, to attract new users and improve relationships with existing clients.

With an effective email signature, your email can act as a landing page for your social media accounts and website. Helping to direct customers to your site and therefore improving your web presence and Search Engine rankings.

The highly experienced Tigerfish team can link your email footer quickly and easily to both your main website and social media platforms.

Advertising your email address

Encouraging users to access your social media sites for more information, enhances interest and allows other products available to be reached.

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