A week in the life of the Tigerfish team

A website development agency

So, another week comes to an end and as the Cheltenham Festival buzzes away in the background, the Tigerfish team have been busy bees themselves. The festival is always a really interesting time for Cheltenham, with all the different kinds of people it brings along to our otherwise quiet regency town.

Pete has been rebuilding and redesigning a site for a large client in the education sector. He’s particularly excited about as he usually works in Drupal this WordPress project provides him with a bit of a change from his usual schedule.

Steve has spent the week merging two huge Drupal sites for a large cancer charity. They wanted to run this project in order to focus their users onto one site and simplify their online journey.

Tom has probably been the busiest in the hive this week, working on multiple WordPress projects for clients that run online magazine sites. Two separate projects spanning the legal and garden machinery sectors need completing by the end of the month, but he’s got it all under control.

Rob has been catching up with clients after spending last week in Portugal for a motorcycle event. He’s had lots of meetings and phones calls about new business and potential exciting new projects; we’ll make sure to keep you posted!

Andy spent the week moaning about the Cheltenham Races and how he can’t get around due to traffic, then had the week off. We’ll probably see him on the television clutching a winning betting slip next!

Radio Stations we have been listening to: Radio X & Capital FM

Things that grind our gears: The Just Eat take away advert with the Chicken Madras song on it being played every half hour on the radio.

That’s all for now!