A week in the life of Tigerfish #2

A website development agency

Another fortnight has flown by and here at Tigerfish we’re all pushing to finish our current projects so that we can get cracking (no Easter pun intended) on some new plans. We hope to announce these exciting developments in the next month or so.

Until then, here’s what we have been up to this week:


Has been working on search engine optimisation (SEO) for a world leader in handheld wicker baskets. He’s also developing the last few bits on a new WordPress website for a van rental and sales company in Swindon. On top of working on importing 200,000 posts to a new WordPress site for a court publication website, it’s been a very busy week indeed.

Jordan is a little flat out at the moment as he and his wife are expecting their second child so he could get called away at any moment.


Has been looking after our Drupal clients, fixing issues with websites and changing bits and bobs to make them work at their optimum. He has also been busy working on a new WordPress project for a client that provides resources and advice on philosophy for children. The project is currently with the client for review, so Pete took the opportunity to jet off to New York for a week for some much needed time off, although Rob seems to think that Pete is always on holiday!


Has been working on a WordPress website for a pet retail online magazine. This involves a new design and the import of all of their content over from there old site. The project is almost finished and should hopefully be live in the next few weeks.

Unfortunately this will be Steve’s last project with us as he is moving on to pastures new. We wish him well for the future, he will be missed in the office.


The busy bee is working hard on completing a WordPress website for a creative multimedia agency that produces award winning sports content. The client is happy with Tom’s work so hopefully the site will be live by the end of next week.

Alongside that Tom has been working on logos and designs for Rob’s new ideas, which have been coming thick and fast in the last few weeks.

Some good news is that Tom’s leg has been given the all clear after he hurt it last year playing football, so expect to see him back on the pitch in the next few months!


Has been developing a series of new ideas for Tigerfish’s future endeavours. After a meeting yesterday to explain them, he has come up with a plan and hopefully in the next month we can announce at least a part of this. Needless to say we are all very excited about them.


Has had the fun job of sorting all the work place pensions for everyone in the company. This appears to not be straightforward, as there has been some loud tutting from his corner of the office and he has had his concentration face on for a lot longer than normal.

Radio Stations we have been listening to: Kerrang FM & Heart FM

Things that grind our gears: The heating in the office randomly deciding not to work on certain days. Hopefully now spring is here, that should no longer be a worry!