Week in the life of Tigerfish #4

A website development agency

It is time for our bi-weekly catch up on what we have been doing in the Tigerfish office, and the heat has been on, both inside and outside of the office.

Jordan: Still playing catch up after having two weeks off. It is amazing how many little jobs build up when you have some time off.
He has also been working with Rob to plan the new server setup and make Tigerfish more streamlined and efficient.

: Our lovely Pete has managed to fix a large site we host which has been causing us some problems over the last few months. He is also close to finishing a website for a client that offers philosophy for children.

Has been busy finishing off three websites ready to launch this week. One is for a legal reporting website which we’ve been working on for several months and are really looking forward to having live. It has been extremely hard work to get to this point.

Has been working on our new server setup which we hope to be starting to roll out very soon. He has also been working on more motorcycle events for later in the year.

Rob has also taken a little motorcycle trip to Portugal which had its own a scary moments. One of which included a ride back to the hotel in almost complete darkness without any working headlights!

Is working on getting all the accounts in order and liasing with clients about invoices and the best points of contact to provide support.

Radio stations we have been listening to:
Absolute Radio 80’s (Yes I know, but it’s actually a very good radio station for the office and leaves some great tunes in our heads!)

Things that grind our gears:
The large fish in our fish tank which eats all the small fish we put in there, not allowing us to buy any more.