Livestock website reproduced by Cheltenham designers

Project Manager

Livestock’s website has been reproduced by Cheltenham designers Tigerfish.

Livestock promotes acts online- London based Livestock Productions is a corporate entertainment company that promotes over 200 acts.

Their web site and email newsletter needed a complete makeover to make it a leader in its field. The old style was rigid and the newsletter was not formatting correctly due it’s design and fixed width layout.

Tigerfish met with Livestock and worked out the best way to present the company and also the acts it represents. It was important to have a leading edge design, with video and modern design elements such as parallax images. It was also vital for visitors to be able to search for acts and quickly find matches and make an enquiry directly off the site.

Traffic has increased by 81% over a 6 month period and enquiries to the inhouse team are up on the previous year.

Livestock is a creative consultancy agency for the events industry. Providing strategic and practical support, solutions and services for a wide range of events. Working with over 300 innovative artists, they aspire to make your events experience unique.

Their in-house team of industry experts design event concepts that involve the development of sets, costumes, lighting, sound & video design as well as bespoke performance or technology-led installations.

Their aim is to engage audiences through events, working with clients to devise new and innovative ways of communicating a brand message, a new product, a company ethos or a birthday message.

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