How to improve your charity donation form

Project Manager

Many of Cheltenham marketing agency Tigerfish’s charity clients ask us to improve their donation pages to increase both their income and also the number of donors.

Tigerfish have been helping a growing number of charities over the past few years not only with hosting, building and running their websites. So increasingly clients are asking us how to improve their ongoing online marketing- and making their charity a success financially.

There are a number of processes which charities can use to improve their overall online effectiveness.

There is no one magic answer to improve your donations although your layout, copy text, imgaes, offer, headine and search engine optimisation cann all have an effect.

However just tweaking their Donate page can have a stunning effect on their income.

There are 3 simple things which you can do to improve your donations without a complete redesign and strategic review.

1. Only ask for the information which you need.

In Tigerfish’s last news blog post – whats the best number of fields on a form we researched the optimum number of questions you can ask before effecting your response rates.

There is a temptation to ask all sorts of questions- some of which might be handy for later marketing. But are you REALLY using every piece of data which you have aksed for in the past?

  • Or are you just collecting data because you have also done?
  • Are their fields that you can do without now- but you can ask for at a later time?
  • If you remove a field for a few months would anyone actually notice?

2. Don’t distract your potential donors

Your potential donors has made it to your form – they want to give and now. Don’t put the form or button down the page – make it easy to find.

Equally don’t suggest that they ring you or snail you. They are online and with a credit card. So ask then, now.

3. Be Secure

Online security is a growing issue- why should people risk their credit card details with you if your donation form is not secure? Make them feel comfortable and relaxed that their precious data will be protected.

So install a SSL – so that donators can see the https – the little green padlock, in the URL of their browser. An example of which is the at the top of this page.

Not only will getting an SSL improve your conversion rates on the donation page but it will also increase your overall traffic levels as Google will be penalising any website in 2017 which collects data in an insecure manner.

A reall Win – Win Not only will you see a better ranking – you will also more potential donors as well.

So if you want to improve your charity’s financial effectiveness by improving your website please contact us straight away and we arrange everything for you.

Call us: 0800 019 9860  or Email: [email protected] or you can visit the Tigerfish contact page