#DONATE to allow donations by tweet

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Brand new technology means charities can now receive donations from supporters directly through Twitter.  People can use new social payment platform, #DONATE, to support charities by tweeting or retweeting registered hashtags.

The service – from GOOD Agency, powered by social wallet technology #PAY – allows charities to mobilise the UK’s 15 million Twitter users to make immediate and secure donations with the simple act of sending a tweet.

GOOD Agency and #PAY are pioneering the technology, finally removing the barriers of giving through social and allowing charities to quantify the impact of social on their fundraising for the first time.

Nicole Parkinson, Head of Social and Content at GOOD Agency said: “It has been our mission to find a way for charities to make the most of their online communities. #DONATE finally unites social and charitable behaviours into a seamless experience to create a new leap forward for fundraising in the UK. We are so excited to be involved in bringing this technology to the sector and helping organisations connect with their online communities in a deeper and richer way that truly drives value and unleashes the good.”

James Meers Chief Executive, #PAY adds: Events like the ALS Ice Bucket challenge and #NoMakeUpSelfie, made the disconnect between social media and the actual act of giving all too clear. #DONATE was initially just a concept to demonstrate the potential of the #conomy.  Today, we are immensely proud of its evolution to a full-service donation platform in support of Charity.

GOOD Agency and #PAY are currently developing the technology for other social media platforms, including Facebook.

All charities can take advantage of the service by registering with #DONATE and GOOD Agency.