Client’s new website tops Google results rankings

Project Manager

One of Cheltenham’s leading website design agency Tigerfish’s clients new website is topping Google’s results rankings.

Jack Straw Country Store- a leading basket retailer, has been a client of digital marketing agency Tigerfish for a number of years.

In the summer they kindly asked us to design, build and promote a new ecommerce website for them which would be responsive- ie work across all devices and screen sizes, be search engine optimised (seo) ie get them great rankings on search engines like Google and be a money making site to generate them new sales and profits.

Accordingly after listening to their thoughts, we presented a number of new website designs layouts to meet their brief which will create a contemporary look and feel for their existing and new customers.

After reaching agreement we then built a new secure website Jack Straws Baskets using the latest WordPress technologies and inputted all of their products, images and text into the new site. During the process we also made suer that it was as search engine optimised as possible based on our indicated high traffic research for the most appropriate keyword phrases.

After thorough testing we launched the site in September and started various ongoing online marketing promotions including search engine marketing, links building, email marketing, newsletters, social media promotions and digital marketing content development.

The result? They are now being ranked by Google at the very top of the first page for various of their targetted keyword phases.

And what does that mean for their business? According to theJack Straws Basket’s Managing Director Susie Banford “We are rushed off our feet with all of the new orders from our website. We have even run out of stock on a few lines and have had to make some more pickups to meet the extra demand.”

Tigerfish’s Managing Director Robert Hughes said “It’s always great to help our clients to improve their businesses by improving their sites. After all the whole point of the technology is to make money for our clients. If they are happy- we are happy. Nothing succeeds like success!”

So if you want to improve your business by improving your website and your online marketing please contact us straight away and we arrange everything for you.

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