Cheltenham website designer’s new client site ranks above over 3 million competition on Google

Project Manager

A Cheltenham website designer new client site already ranks above over 3 million competition on Google results.

Livestock Productions – is a creative consultancy agency for the events industry.  Providing strategic and practical support, solutions and services for a wide range of events. Working with over 300 innovative artists, they aspire to make your events experience unique.

So they need a website which matches their expertise and professionalism- and makes it easy for new customers to find appropriate acts and entertainment to meet their specific needs.

Which is where the results orientated Cheltenham website design agency Tigerfish comes in.

As we have worked with Livestock for a number of years we were able to listen to them and provide the benefits of the latest technology available – these were cost effective and still affordable to help fulfill their online dreams.

One of Livestock’s requirements is to increase their online traffic – and numbers of contact approaches or “lead generation”. So we made sure that the whole site is fully search engine optimised. As well as providing extra SEO elements and processes.

As a result Livestock now rank very nearly at the top of Google for their most important keyword phrase of “live acts entertainment”- above 3.34 million other competitive pages.

Livestock’s in-house team of industry experts design event concepts that involve the development of sets, costumes, lighting, sound & video design as well as bespoke performance or technology-led installations.

Their aim is to engage audiences through events, working with clients to devise new and innovative ways of communicating a brand message, a new product, a company ethos or a birthday message.

So if you want to boost your business by improving your website and online marketing please contact us straight away and we arrange everything for you.

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