3 things your charity is missing out on if it doesn’t invest in digital

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Whether your charity’s focus is on raising money, or awareness, everything that digital represents in the modern age is either an opportunity, or a missed opportunity.

Being flexible enough to grow with the ever changing digital landscape, gives you control, so that you can improve your offering and become a stronger organisation. If you’re burying your head in the sand and sticking only to the old ways of doing things, this simply won’t happen.

So, what will you be missing out on if you don’t grasp digital now?

1. Personalisation

Knowing more about your audience is really important to decision making, that’s why the data that is available from digital is so key. The figures that you can pull from your digital networks, email lists, or even your website can help dictate the direction of your upcoming campaigns because the feedback is instant and accurate.

The way a user, or set of users interact with your content, and the little pieces of information they leave behind, like their demographic or favourite pages, mean you can then make each user journey individual and engaging on a human level.

By gathering data and using it to personalise a user journey you are allowing supporters to join your club, and as a result the amount of support they give is likely to rise.

2. Engagement

Digital platforms, especially in the world of social media, encourage engagement with a cause at a level that would previously have been unprecedented. You can tell people what you’re doing, and they can tell you exactly how they feel about it. This gives your supporters not only a fantastic platform to share your message, but also a sense of ownership of what you’re doing.

When you think about your on personal newsfeeds, can’t you see the pride that people display for supporting particular charities, and doesn’t that make you want to learn more about them? If you don’t use digital, you miss the chance to do so.

3. Human stories

The only way to truly make a charity campaign function is to involve elements of human experience that people can empathise with. That’s why, charities that encourage benefactors or supporters to share their experience always outperform those who don’t.

The most compelling stories come from the heart, but if people don’t have a forum like a website, or social media site, to deliver that story, then it cannot cause an impact.

What can we do to help?

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